An angel has taken over my brother's body
by Zayn Malik

I always had to hear uncalled for critique. Who from? From one of the people who should have loved me: My eldest brother.

He loved tearing me to shreds with his words. He loved ridiculing me.

I really wanted to stab him to death. We went on vacation with the family last year, and I regret his company there. He was a jerk to the power one billion to the power one billion to the power one trillion.

For years, his company could only be described as torture. I wrote him off.

And then, suddenly a month or three back, he comes to visit again.

At least, I think it's him.

No, it can't be him.

Suddenly, his attitude is different. It's not him anymore. It's someone who is trying to have a relationship with me and the family, something the old version of him would have laughed off and avoided.

So, I have only one explanation: An angel has taken over my brother's body. Or maybe he died and some kind of being took on his earthly shape.

Well, good riddance to bad rubbish. I'll just enjoy this strange new being then. Hopefully it's not just pretending to be friendly to eat us all later.

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