Wild Adventures Chapter 7: Big Business
by Jakob Springbok

Big Ben, Sexuki and Fini are watching with amazement the goings-on of the rhino poachers. They put the horn in some kind of bag and are about to leave.

Fini is very curious and shouts out to them:

“Helloooooooooo, mister, why do you take that horn?”

The poachers didn’t expect anybody to actually be out here on foot, watching their every move. Their eyes grow at the discovery of witnesses.

“Well my dearie, some Asians get horny from this horn! Or so is the cover story. The truth is there’s a whole business in this horn!”, answers one of the smart ones with a smirk, knowing it won’t take much to fool a small child.

“In that?”, asks Fini, pointing to the horn with her finger.

“Oh yes”, replies Mr. poacher.

“How does a big business fit in there? Our daddy has a bigger business than that!”, she says with challenging eyes.

Big Ben is trying to figure out how he can get them away from these horrible people, hopefully still alive. So much tension under the surface!!

And now the author would like to apologise but I have not yet written the next chapters. Come back some time or leave a comment way down below in the comment section if you would like to see next chapters.


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