How to wash your dog

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Actor Marius Mooikasteel and his co-star Majoor Blaffinski show us exactly how to "keep our animals clean".

The best way, according to Marius, is to wash your animal regularly. Yep, you knew that but you don't really have the drive to wash your animal regularly. So much work!

Or is it? Well, watch this video and you might actually be inspired to wash your dog. This video is very inspiring actually. It makes it look easy to keep your animal in an acceptable, hygienic condition.

I love the occasional dry humor of this video. For example, when Marius Mooikasteel introduces his co-star Majoor Blaffinski, he greets Majoor Blaffinski and holds out a microphone to him. After a second or so, Marius says "Oh right, animals don't talk." Ha ha :) Pretty funny actually.

Also there is the ending where they come outside and immediately it starts to rain lightly by the looks of it. Yep, isn't that just how real life is :)

All in all, a very enjoyable video about a mundane subject.

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